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Specializing in Premium Quality Best Brazilian Waxing

Treat Your Skin to an Amazingly Smooth and Clean Waxing Service

Located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. Our studio specializes in Premium Quality Best Brazilian waxing.

From Hollywood waxing and Bikini line waxing to upper and lower body waxing. We do it all.

Try us and you will be very satisfied with our quality and waxing services.

Be confident that when you visit Julie you will get the best waxing experience. Julie is a Virginia Licensed Esthetician Specializing in Premium quality waxing.

The majority of Julie’s customers are repeat customers, referrals and word of mouth.

Repeat waxing benefits include slow growth of thinner and softer hair, schedule an appointment now call or text 703-518-8453

Customers appreciate our high quality and professional waxing results.

We only use the highest quality eco-friendly plant-based wax, completely chemical-free, polymer free and biodegradable, good for all type of skin including sensitive skin.

Whether on face, bikini area or underarm, this superior wax pulls the hair from its root without any breakage, incredible for removing finer hairs with 99% pulled by the root. At Best Waxing Studio, there is no double-dipping at all whatsoever, so rest assured that you are in good hands.

Along with our pleasant and professional waxing services, Best Waxing studio provides a discreet and friendly environment, a very clean service and of course we always use gloves while providing service. Your skin will feel smooth and refreshed while your body feels energized.

Schedule your appointment now and julie will be happy to take care of you.

All Premium Quality Body Waxing


Skin looking at its best wearing swimsuit, Best Waxing in Old Town Alexandria offers Brazilian waxing and bikini waxing in addition to body waxing, we are specializing in high quality and premium quality from forehead to toes

Brazilian and Bikini Waxing

Premium Quality Brazilian and bikini waxing, fast service without sacrificing quality. We only use plant based Vegan wax combined with our expertise, the result is professionally awesome. Get an appointment.

Upper and Lower Body Waxing

We wax it all, lower and upper body waxing. From your forehead to your toes, your skin will feel smooth and clean.

Front, Back and Side Waxing

Whether you want to wax your back or chest, inner thighs or legs, you can count on a job well done. Call us or text us at 703-518-8453, send us a message or schedule an appointment

We Love to Help Make you Feel Your Best


Getting a Brazilian waxing or bikini waxing can help you feel more comfortable at the beach or at the pool or at just the gym, Brazilian waxing at best waxing will remove your unwanted hair and leave your skin smooth and beautiful

Best Brazilian Waxing

Best Brazilian waxing in town. Fast service, high quality, leaving your skin soft, beautiful and refreshed. Book your appointment now.

Show the beauty of your skin when you wax your upper and lower legs at Best Waxing, Julie is specialized in high quality Brazilian waxing as well and she can help you.

Smooth and Beautiful Skin

Whether you're waxing your legs, arms, or having Brazilian waxing. You will notice a more beautiful and smoother skin. Best waxing provides great quality waxing, book today.

Legs on the beach look smooth and beautiful after being waxed at best waxing

Premium Body Waxing

At Best Waxing, we provide premium quality waxing due to the expertise of our staff and also to the high quality product we use. Only high quality, plant based vegan wax.

Whether you're active at the gym, the yoga practice, swimming pool, or any type of workout, best waxing can help you achieve a smooth and beautiful skin while being elegant and comfortable. Best waxing will help you along the way. Schedule an appointment online today.

High Quality Premium Brazilian Waxing


Show the most of your skin beauty and feel at your best

Getting ready for a night out or just hanging out with friends, best waxing can help you achieve a smoother and more beautiful skin

Waxing for Events

Get ready for any event with a waxing session that makes you feel refreshed and your skin soft for weeks. Book an appointment today.

Under arm waxing, Brazilian waxing, legs and arms or full body waxing,  waxing makes your active day ideal and comfortable while feeling confident at the pool or at any indoor or outdoor activity. Feel happy that Best waxing helped you remove all this unwanted hair. Schedule online now an appointment with Julie.

Waxing Makes You Happy

Feel happy everyday knowing that your skin is is more beautiful and you feel at your best. Visit and book an appointment.

The more you wax the softer the hair gets. Repeated waxing will eventually soften the hair and delay its growth.

Skin Feels Soft

Experience the softness of your skin after the waxing session. Feel great and enjoy.


Best Waxing in Alexandria is specializing in high quality premium Brazilian waxing. Schedule an appointment, you'll be happy you did.

Clean & Smooth Skin

Experience the precise and swift Premium Quality Brazilian waxing, fast service without sacrificing quality.


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